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Aabo is a trusted IOT platform for security, microlocation, access control and automation. For the industrial side, we provide solutions for OEE monitoring, Condition monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Human/Asset Micro location.

We also develop custom Industry solutions specific to any industry requirement. We provide robust and low-cost solutions with our proprietary hardware and software.


In today’s competitive climate, even small improvements can lead to significant benefits to your bottom line. That is especially evident in the manufacturing industry where shaving off a few seconds on one production process or reducing the number of defects for just 1% can bring in tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. One of the most common measurements used to optimize production is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). When used correctly, measuring OEE gives you a deep understanding of your production process which results in some major benefits


Squeeze every drop of performance from your machinery


Maximize workforce productivity


Reduce asset repair costs by noticing problems early on

Applications Of AABO

One Device, Many Advantages

Monitor Personnel Movement, Productivity Statistics, Locate People, Find Free Conference Rooms, Automate ACs, Lights, Fans Etc., Integrate To Payroll Attendance And More…

Multi-location attendance, contactless access control for security, automation of lighting and air conditioning, it really is an incredible platform

Protect assets like your Warehouse From Unauthorized Personnel, Tag High Value Items To Secure And Monitor Them

Loaded With Features

Our custom designed solution is built to offer reliability and it’s modularity caters to every need of our clients..

Manage Work Space

With the help of the tag, the location of any personnel relative to the reader can be read with customizable accuracy.

Convinent Access Control

There is no need to stop to scan your tag or your biometrics, you approach the gate and it opens. It’s as simple as that.

Power Optimisation

AI and analytics to reduce or shut energy consumed in a room by electrical appliances

Empower Team

Ensure teams never waste time looking for an empty conference room again. Drive collaboration, productivity and efficiency for your entire company

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The Perfect Team

Business Development Expert

With on-board business analysts and leading LEAN, FMEA and SIX-SIGMA implementers, we can provide in-depth GAP analysis along with optimum structuring of resources to provide maximum output.

Technical Expertise

We have programmers and back-end specialists with excellent skills and vast experience in deploying and implementing technology to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce costs. We also have graphics artists that have worked for renowned companies around the world.

Financial Analysts

In order to offer technology and development where the COST-BENEFIT is significantly large and is feasible, we employ finance experts that ensure that the client gets huge benefits in terms of productivity, convenience and accountability.