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With our expertise in the African market and technology, we study your systems, processes and machines to give you a custom solution that improves efficiency, quality and cuts costs. We can provide comprehensive analysis of your business to give both technical, and non-technical solutions along with capacity building and standardization of the company structure, processes and operations. We provide end to end BPM/R & IT consulting.


Custom Solutions


Technical Expertise


BI & MIS Infrastructure

OUR Products & Platforms


Built for Nigeria, Logitrack is a layered product for Supply Chain Operations Management & Digitalisation, covering Import, Export, Barge & Terminal Processes.

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Melimu For Online Education

Melimu's online education platform is exclusively designed for teaching platforms providing a truly tried and tested mobile first LMS made for Africa used by thousands, as well as other cutting edge solutions like AI Proctored Online Examination Platforms.

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Aabo is a trusted IOT platform for security, microlocation, access control and automation. For the industrial side, we provide solutions for OEE monitoring, Condition monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Human/Asset Micro location.

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Our Approach

We follow a systematic approach to find and meet our clients needs and to maximize benefits for them.

As-Is Analysis

The existing system, be it manual or computerized is studied and mapped out. The operations are plotted into processes and the team architecture & existing workflows are analysed.

Choose Solutions That Can Be Effective

Depending on the GAPs in the system, possible process, restructuring & technology solutions that can increase efficiency, quality, effectiveness and reduce errors, costs and staff required are chosen.

Study Cost Benefit Analysis

Each of the technology solutions chosen are carefully studied and analyzed for the benefits they generate to determine if they are impactful.

Map The Project And Execute!

After developing a BSD with the client, the chosen solutions are listed and plans of implementation are created. The execution of the project is initiated and guided by a joint project team. AVL will ensure that Capacity building, training and the intangibles are always covered!


What we bring to you

Custom Application Development

Our Professional Software Engineers & Consultants Will Work To Leverage The Latest Technologies Such As The Cloud, AI And Others To Implement Cross-platform Applications, And Develop A Solution Set that is truly scalable, stable and paves the way to the future.

Digital Services

With world class creatives, experts and technology, we add value to your company's digital presence enhancing brand image, supporting Inbound & Outbound Marketing efforts as well as Online Reputation Management services.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide solutions that can help you overcome a range of optimizations. They range from pilferage issues to real-time monitoring of almost any parameters of your business such as process quality, status, efficiency or process structures.


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The Perfect Team

Qualified Consultants

With on-board business analysts and leading LEAN, FMEA and SIX-SIGMA implementers, we can provide in-depth GAP analysis along with optimum structuring of resources to provide maximum output.

Technical Expertise

We have programmers and back-end specialists with excellent skills and vast experience in deploying and implementing technology to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce costs. We also have graphics artists that have worked for renowned companies around the world.

Financial Analysts

In order to offer technology and development where the COST-BENEFIT is significantly large and is feasible, we employ finance experts that ensure that the client gets huge benefits in terms of productivity, convenience and accountability.