Keep your supply chain optimized and at your fingertips

Since 2017, LOGITRACK has been implemented across various MNCs, Logistics Providers and Ports & Terminals In Nigeria, and is designed to Optimize your logistics operations with Robotic process automation, AI powered Management dashboards and multidimensional functions. With end-to-end analytics to help your operations and make management decisions, our solution is here to help you. LOGITRACK is designed to help your company get more efficient, cost effective and reduce errors that will save time and money.

LOGITRACK....Keep Your Operations On Track

Key Features

Modules For Every Need

Be it Consignment statuses, process management, Supplier portals, Buying house portals, Clearing agent portals or Customer & Tracking portals, our App is sure to help your supply chain, management & finance teams to take faster decisions to take better management decisions & help you serve your customers better.

Reduce unwanted expenses

LOGITRACK helps avoid avoidable expenses & delays by providing prompt notifications on all process deadlines and activities as well as alerts to help keep an eye on critical documents, payments & shipments.

Man-hours? Every man-second is very important to us!

Automation within the application keeps track of all shipment records and accurately provides Alerts, Warnings, Reminders & reports. Automate documents that are repeatedly needed.

Process Automation

Did we mention, we are experts in process automation. Say bye to repetitive tasks, manual invoicing, payment confirmations and more. The goal is always to optimize operations & planning, while avoiding human errors & repetitive or manual tasks, freeing up your team to focus on the important things.

Instant information on consignments

Have Real-Time information at your fingertips. Never have to struggle to look up a transaction again. Mobile friendly versions for customers, agents and other stakeholders - making everyone's life easier.

Compatible with all devices

Cloud based application LOGITRACK can be accessed anywhere from the world and on any web enabled device. Just click a button and get your data available 24 X 7. Also create custom Android & iOS apps for your organisation.

Logitrack As Your Platform

LOGITRACK is designed with a lot of love & care.

User Friendly

Comfortable and intuitive UI, with features like bulk update, auto-fills, and tonnes of automations to reduce unecessary data entry

Integrate With Everyone

With a modern technology stack, Logitrack can integrate with any popular ERP such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics & Other popular platforms. Exchange data with steakholders via EDI, APIs & any secure transmission - push data out in any format required. Logitrack is a robust & versatile platform for your needs.

Scheduled Reports & Alerts

Schedule Exceptional, Executive & Operational Reports, Reminders & SMS/Email Alerts

Record Audit

Work smoothly with bigger teams, without worries, because every operation is logged against the user, while maintaining a record.

Access Control

Set various roles and limit access to keep total control. Create customized portals for staff, customers & third party agents.

Mobile App

Scale to Branded mobile apps on Android & iOS

Automatic Back Ups & Distaster Recovery

Scheduled back ups to ensure your back is covered, DR and other best practices are always ensured.

Complete Privacy & Security

Logitrack is an Enterprise Standard product with complete Privacy & Security. Deploy it on your own server - on your own Terms.

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The Perfect Team

Business Development Expert

With on-board business analysts and leading LEAN, FMEA and SIX-SIGMA implementers, we can provide in-depth GAP analysis along with optimum structuring of resources to provide maximum output.

Technical Expertise

We have programmers and back-end specialists with excellent skills and vast experience in deploying and implementing technology to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce costs. We also have graphics artists that have worked for renowned companies around the world.

Financial Analysts

In order to offer technology and development where the COST-BENEFIT is significantly large and is feasible, we employ finance experts that ensure that the client gets huge benefits in terms of productivity, convenience and accountability.