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mElimu for online education

mElimu platform works across multiple devices including tablets and laptops! mElimu’s revolutionary digital learning platform allows students to learn anywhere, anytime, at their own convenience!. It provides personalized learning environment, supports offline learning and the tablet support battery life for a full day learning and up to three days of standby.


  • Mobile First
  • Offline LMS
  • Local Support
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Zero Infrastructure


Higher Education


Corporate Training


Skill Development


Higher Education

Recently, the higher education landscape has become more competitive. Universities and colleges are searching for cost-effective ways to engage students, deliver a richer learning experience and provide an easy access to curriculum, events, grades, and schedules. mElimu offers an exceptional pay-per-user pricing that incorporates indefinite training, support, maintenance, upgrades, server capacity and storage for learning.

Skill Development

Skill development platform is one platform for all of the software needs for skill development projects. mElimu skill development platform provides a fully integrated learning management solution that is being utilized by numerous skill development projects across the globe. mElimu learning management solution offers low bandwidth solutions which focuses on youth empowerment and skills. .

Corporate Training

mElimu Learning Management System is intended to assist your organization in engaging with the employees and offering an interactive learning experience. mElimu LMS is a SaaS platform that offers you the plans within your budget. mElimu LMS app integrates with the organization’s HR system with a single sign-on methodology to ensure the seamless experience.

Salient Features

Cloud Platform

Learning management is based on SaaS. So, setup or installation, upgradation or backup nothing is needed.

Course Catalogue & Management

Course management is very flexible along with concepts and objectives of the course. And so do the teachers in regards to course catalogue and course description pages. Courses can be changed as per the online teaching staff or per the classroom style or mixed.

Content Management

The authoring tool platforms can create engaging course content. With audios, videos, animations & much more, the e-class will make learning easy & lively. Upload documents, SCORM training materials, audios, links, videos & more. Existing content is also allowed to be reused. Tools such as searching and tagging are enabled.


Anyone from around the world, be it learners or students, they can pick up any course from the course catalogue. Course payment can be made directly as this platform can be configured with payment gateway. To learn a course, pre-requisites and learning paths are needed. Teachers will set it and students will get it and the courses are learnt by the students and learners with ease.

Online Payment

Online payments through PayPal Payment Gateway are highly secure. Debit and credit cards along with net banking across multiple currencies is also allowed.

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The Perfect Team

Business Development Expert

With on-board business analysts and leading LEAN, FMEA and SIX-SIGMA implementers, we can provide in-depth GAP analysis along with optimum structuring of resources to provide maximum output.

Technical Expertise

We have programmers and back-end specialists with excellent skills and vast experience in deploying and implementing technology to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce costs. We also have graphics artists that have worked for renowned companies around the world.

Financial Analysts

In order to offer technology and development where the COST-BENEFIT is significantly large and is feasible, we employ finance experts that ensure that the client gets huge benefits in terms of productivity, convenience and accountability.